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Words and music: Hazel Trubee

Walk Right out of this Valley

      F            D7
Well, I'm a gonna walk right out of this valley,
Lift my hands and praise the Lord.
                     C7                   F
Said I ain't a-gonna let ole Satan get me down, down, down,
Why should I sit here till I die?
Heaven's a-waiting up a little bit higher,
          C7                                    F
I'm gonna walk right out of this valley with my Lord.

             D7                                G7
Now when the Lord let down the hedge on Job to try him,
                C7                              F
Took all of his children and everything that he owned.
But, no Job didn't sit down and cry, no.
   G7                                            C7
He lifted his head up high, and came out of that valley,
Thank God with a whole lot more.


Well now the road that we've got to travel to that city,
Well it won't always be on the mountain high.
But you know the valley that we've got to face,
God said He's gonna give us grace,
To come up on the hill where the sun is shining bright.