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Words and music: Albert Goodson
Transcribed: Guitar Picker -
We Have Come this Far by Faith

We have (G) come this far by faith,
(C) Leaning (D) on the (G) Lord,
(D) Trusting in His holy Word,
He's never failed us (G) yet.  (C) (G)
Singin' (G) oh, (D) oh, (G) oh, can't turn a(E7-Am)round,
We've come this (D) far by (G) faith.

(C) Just the other day I (G) heard a man (Em) say,
He (Am) didn't be(D)lieve in God's (G-G7) Word,
But (C) I can truly say that (G) I have found the (Em) way,
And (Am) He's never (D) failed me (G) yet.  (D)


Don't be discouraged
When troubles come your way,
He'll bear all your burdens
And turn all your night into day.