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From: Sandra
Performers: The Judds.
Words and music:  Naomi Judd

Available on The Judds "Collection", the ultimate Judd collection. It has
never been professionally recorded. This is sort of like for a studio jam.
I'm not sure if the words are correct. Capo on 1st fret.

When King Jesus Calls His Children Home

Intro: G D G C G D G
When they plant me like a seed in the ground
Silent sleepin' in some old gray vine
C                             G
I'll be just like a rose, just waitin' for the spring
                                  D                    G
'Cause I'm a gonna rise up, rise up and shout and sing
'Cause ain't no grave gonna hold my body down
When I hear, hear that trumpet sound
C                                  G
I know I've been a dyin', since the day that I was born
                       D                  G
But now I live for that resurrection boy

When king Jesus calls his children home
When king Jesus calls his children home
I'm a gonna wear my snow white gown
I'm a gonna put on a starlite crown
                     D                  G
When king Jesus calls his children home

Like a bird in a cage that's been set free
My soul is seen through out eternity
C                              G
I shed this mourning shell (Oh let ol' satan stay in hell)
                   D                   G
I'll see glory that no mutant can tell

**Repeat Chorus**

You know not the hour
You know not the day
Soul behold by children hide and watch and pray
G                         D              G
When king Jesus calls his children home

***Repeat chorus***

*repeat chorus, but with no guitar*