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Words and music: Alfred H Ackley & Bentley D Ackley
From: Guitar Picker
When I Kneel Down to Pray

Somehow the Saviour seems a little nearer
             A7      D
When I kneel down to pray
      A7                         D
And fellowship with Him a little dearer
B7   E7      Bm   E7 A  A7
When I kneel down to pray

  D                        A
I know that He will always hear me
                     A7  D
For He is never far away
                          B7        Em
And yet He seems a little closer to me
     A7              D
When I kneel down to pray

A secret place of quiet meditation
Increases all the joy of that relation
I tarry there with Christ a little longer
And rise to face the world a little stronger