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Performer: Rhonda Vincent
Album: The Storm Still Rages
Words and music: Aubrey Noble, Darrin Vincent, Rhonda Vincent, Sheri Noble, Terry Herd
Transcribed: Guitar Picker -
When The Angels Sing

     C                F
When love is faithful strong and true
         C                 G
When the breath of life is given you
    C                F
And flowers bloom in early spring
           C                       G      C     F C
That's the time in heaven when the angels sing

Where angels sing above the blue
    C            G
The promise of a world that's new
    C                F
And tear dim dies no more will be
         C               G       C
When the angels sing for you and me

Be a shining light as you pass through
Remember the promise he gave to you
Hold to His Word, trust everything
Live forever in heaven where the angels sing


Repeat chorus and change key to D

         D               A       D
When the angels sing for you and me