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Submitted by: Chris Witt
Performer: Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver
Album Help Is on The Way

Key of B Capo 4th fret play in G

When The Hand Of God Comes Down

G                              C                          G
Oh when the hand of God, comes down with fire from heaven on high
It’ll be too late to pray
G                     C                      G
When Gabriel blows his trumpet for the very last sound
G                                          D                 G
Where you gonna hide then sinner, when the hand of God comes down

G                                C                  G
We’re living in an awful age and troubled times are here
G                             A                D
The radio and magazines their stories bring no cheer
G                             C                G
The one and only recipe where lasting peace is found
Is just to watch and pray until the day
         D                 G
When the hand of God comes down


G                           C                    G
Many ride the devil’s train his wicked ways they choose
G                                          A              D
They’ll rob and steal, fight and kill, and say I’ll never lose
G                                          C                   G
But listen friend there is an end when the threads of time are wound
And did you know you’ll reap what you sow
         D                 G
When the hand of God comes down


G                           C                    G
Upon the Bible’s holy page His words are written there
G                                      A                  D
They tell about these darkened days in which we’re living here
G                            C              G
Many shun the word of God, no time to pray is found
But by and by somebody will cry
         D                 G
When the hand of God comes down