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Words and Music: Herbert Buffum

When You Need Him Most

(F)-(Fsus4)-(F)[Two times]

(F)Say not that God His (Bb)face has hid(Bbm)den (F/C)from (C)you,
(Gm)Though doubts may (F/C)stand be(G7)fore you as a (C7)host.
(F)Lift up your eyes; be(D7)hold, Christ watches (F#dim)o'er (Gm)you;
And He is (F/C)nearest (E/B)when you (F/C)need (C7)Him (F)most.

(F)Fear not the testing; 'tis to (Bb)make you (F)stronger,
That not in self, (Am7)but (Dm)Christ, your (G7)soul shall (C7)boast.
(F)He will not leave (Faug)you (Bb)rest now (Bdim)on His (F/C)promise,
(C7)For He is (F/A)nearest (G7)when you (F/C)need (C7)Him (F)most.

(F)-(Fsus4)-(F)[Two times]

(F)Why should you wonder (Bb)at His ten(Bbm)der (F/C)mer(C)cy?
(Gm)He too has (F/C)walked the (G7)rugged, wind-swept (C7)coast.
(F)He knows your weakness (D7)and your fierce temp(F#dim)ta(Gm)tions,
And waits to (F/C)aid you (E/B)when you (F/C)need (C7)Him (F)most.

[Repeat Chorus]

(F)-(Fsus4)-(F)[Two times]

(F)So do not fear the (Bb)gath'ring clouds (Bbm)of (F/C)dark(C)ness;
(Gm)Stand where God (F/C)placed you, (G7)never leave your (C7)post!
(F)And when it seems that (D7)sure defeat a(F#dim)waits (Gm)you,
He'll stand be(F/C)side you (E/B)when you (F/C)need (C7)Him (F)most.

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

(Faug)-(Gm)For He is (F/C)nearest (G7)when you (F/C)need (C7)Him (F)most.