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From: "Robbie"

Where the Roses Never Fade

(F) I am going (Bb) to a (F)city (C7)
where the streets with gold are (F) layed.
where the trees of (Bb) life are blooming,(C7)
And the roses never (F) fade.


(Bb) Here they bloom but for a (F)season, C7),
Soon their beauty is (F)decayed.
(F) I am going (B7) to a (F) city (C7)
Where the roses never (F) fade

(F) In this world we (Bb) have our (F) troubles,
Satan's snares we must (F) evade
We'll be free from (Bb) all (F) temptation, (C7)
Where the roses never (F) fade.

(F) loved ones gone to (Bb) be with (F) Jesus (C7)
In their robes of white (F) array
Now we are waiting (Bb) for his (F) coming
(C7) where the roses never (F) fade.