PcmHЪD(»гZ▓┴TЧ     5(%НUAг░n|dК%п#=  Ђ],Тљо&╚F─-зб~z2№│УГ║■ VЮ3X?╝ЛD =ђj G[9б }   г ░лпУЭ  $0@8 xёа@└ << DNameMicrosoft-Windows-NTVDM-System32Version6.0.6000.16386PublicKeyToken31bf3856ad364e35ProcessorArchitecturex86VersionScopeNonSxS                     config.sysѕ         Microsoft-Windows-RootSecurity                      .вЄ         =ђj}    eon Olguin White as Snow White (D)as snow, White as (Bm7)snow Though my (Em)sins were as (A) scarlet LOrd I (D), Lord I (Bm7) know Than I'm (Em) clean and forgiv (A)en Through the (F#m7) power of Your (G) blood Through the (F#m7) wonder of Your (G) love Through (Bm7) faith in you I(Em7)know that I can (A) be, white as (D) snow White as (E) snow, White as (C#m7) snow Though my sins were as scarlet Lord I(E) know, Lord I (C#m7)know That I'm (F#m)clean and (B) forgiven Through (G#m7)the power of Your(B) blood Through the (G#M7)wonder of Your (a) Love Throught(C#m7) faith in You I( f#M7) know thatr I can (b) be, white as(E) snow @ 1990 Maranatha! Music & Soubd Truth Publishing Home