Album: 20 Precious Memories
Performer: Slim Whitman
The only songwriting credit on my CD is "Traditional" but somebody must have written it.

Who at My Door is Standing

F         F/A     Bb        
Who at my door is standing, 
F         F/A     C       F C
patiently drawing near.
F        F/A    Bb         
Entrance within demanding, 
F            C       F      Bb F
who's is the voice I hear?

Bb                    F                          
Sweetly the toils are falling, 
F/A               C  F C
open the door for me.
F                    Bb       
If Thou will heed my calling, 
F      C          F     C F
I will abide with Thee.


Lonely without Ye standing, 
lonely within am I.
While I am still delaying, 
will He not pass me by?


Door of my heart I hasten, 
ye will I open wide
Though He rebuke and chasten, 
He shall with me abide.