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By Kris Kristofferson

Why me Lord?
(C) What have I (C7) ever (F) done to deserve even (C) one,
Of the pleasures I've (G7) known?
Tell me Lord,
(C) What did I (C7) ever (F) do to deserve loving (C) you,
And the kindness you've (G7) shown. (C) (C7)

(F) Lord help me Jesus I've (C) wasted it so,
Help me (G7) Jesus, you know what I (C) am.  (C7)
Now (F) that I know that I've (C) needed you so,
Help me (G7) Jesus my soul's in your (C) hands.

Try me Lord,
If you think there's a way I can ever repay,
All I've taken from you.
Maybe Lord,
I can show someone else what I've been through myself,
On my way back to you.


Jesus my soul's in your hands.