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Performer: Ralph and Carter Stanley
Album: Disc 1 The Early Starday King Years 1958-61
From: "Chuck Haynie"
Submitted by:  Charles Haynie
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Wicked path of sin

In this [1]  awful world of sorrow
In this wicked path of [5] sin
Never [1] thinking of tomorrow
Nor what I'd lose [5] in the   [1] end

Oh, I can [4] hear the joybells [1] ringing
Where my friends and loved ones [5] wait
Oh, I can [4] hear the angels [1] singing
Just in side the [5] pearly [1] gates

I can hear my Savior calling
Won't you come unto me
Wash away your sins forever
You shall rest eternally


Now I'm safe with my Jesus
He will guide me on my way
I will sing his praise forever
We'll meet in Heaven some sweet day