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From: "Nelman, Carl R"

Will He Wait A Little Longer
(Stanley Brothers)

(G)On cruel Calvary where he suffered, there He (D)died upon a (G)cross,

Lift Him  (C)up to save my (G)brother, free from (D)sin and not be (G)lost.

(G)Will He wait a little longer, there's so (D)many out in (G)sin.

Will He (C)wait a little (G)longer, give us (D)time to gather (G)in.

(G)A vision of that mangled body, I can (D)see the nail-scarred (G)hands,

When He (C)calls me way up (G)yonder, I will (D)hear and under-(G)stand.


(G)Many loved ones gone before me, they've made their (D)peace for the final (G)day.

But should He (C)call before they're (G)ready, I can (D)al-most hear them (G)say: