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Words and music: Mark Farner

With You Anywhere

D                  A2             G2               D
I've prayed the prayer of faith    I've prayed the prayer of salvation
G2             D        G2         A2
now I'll serve You Lord   until my final hour
D            A2             G2               D
I did all I could do myself    but I found I needed something
G2                D           G2           A2
in my life to take me on Lord   I know you are my power

chorus:            D     G2            D
            now oh Lord  I give to you each care
             D       G2                      A2
            drawing closer ever since I said that prayer
             G2                   D
            but there's so much I want to do
            G2                   D
            help me Lord to wait on You
            G2              A2            D
            and to know that You are with me anywhere

I want to recognize the ones You send to me to hear Your words of love
that You have planted    deep inside my heart
I never want to be the one they look to when they're ready Lord
please help me God     so I can show them You