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This song goes way back to a band called The Chuckwagon Gang, a family group
that was very popular with Southern Baptists, even though they never hit The
Big Time.  I have no idea who wrote, or when.

It is done in moderate time, and i have used the journalistic standby of 3
dots to indicate a short pause of about 2 beats each.

The World's Greatest Story

(C) The world's greatest story In the (F) Bible is (C) told.
It's a story more (G) precious ... than diamonds or (C) gold.
He was born ... in a manger.  Gave his (F) life on a (C) cross.
Brought hope and (G) salvation ... To a world that was (C) lost.

Refrain (2x):

It's the world's greatest (F) sto-ry ... Greatest story e're (C) told.
It's the story of (G) Jesus ... And it never grows (C) old.
How just one Gal-i-(F)le-an ... Saved the world from its (C) fall.
It's the world's greatest (G) story ... Greatest story of (C) all.