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Words and music: David Ruis (c) 1986 maranatha praise,
inc./shade tree music/ASCAP

You Are Worthy of My Praise

I will worship (I will worship)
With all of my heart (With all my heart)
I will praise You (I will praise you)
G                        Am7    Dsus  D/F#
With all of my strength (All my strength)
I will seek You (I will seek you)
All of my days (All of my days)
I will follow (I will follow)
G                 Am7         Dsus D/F#
All of Your ways (All of your ways)

G                   D/F#
I will give You all my worship
C/E    C        Am7    Dsus  D
I will give You all my praise
G            D/F#
You alone I long to worship
C/E  C        Am7   Dsus D     G
You alone are worthy of my praise

I will bow down
And hail You as king
I will serve You,
I'll give You everything
I will lift up
My eyes to Your throne
I will trust You,
I will trust You alone