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Sung by:    Jaci Valasquez
Album:      Jaci Valasquez
Written by: Michelle Tumes

Tabbed by:  Adam Patrick

Copyright:  1998 BMG Music PTY Ltd./APRA

Notes: The bridge doesn't match the CD exactly but sounds okay
       when sung separately.

	   You Make Everything

F   C         G
Who makes the sun light up my shadows
Am       G                        C
when the darkness tries to follow me.
F   C         G
Who makes the air that brings me life
   Am    G                               C
so I can breath the love that's given to me.


G   Am              F                C
You make everything good, everything wonderful.
F                     C               G          F       G
You grace my days and Heaven fills my view, lets forever sing.
G   Am              F                C
You make everything pure, everything beautiful.
F                   C                 G             F  C
You make me see the only thing that's true.  It's you

F   C         G                   Am
Who makes the waters of my sorrow part,
    G                          C
and leads the gladness into my heart.
F   C         G                    Am
Who makes the rivers run that wash away,
    G                           C
and clean my soul to make a new start?


F            C      F              G
You hung the moon.  You placed the stars that shine your love for me.
F                 C            F              G  F B F G
I hope all that I do will show reflections of you.


C                 G        F     C
You're everything pure and beautiful.