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Words and music: Bob Halligan, Jr. and Graham Shaw
Copyright  1996 G. Shaw Music Ltd./WBOB Music/BMG Songs, Inc. (ASCAP)All
rights reserved.
Performer: Rebecca St. James
Album: God

You Then Me

(Capo 2nd fret)

Intro: just repeat C and F

C		F	C
It's my turn, it's not your turn
C		F	  C
It's my turn, get outta my way
It's my turn, go on complain
I'm coming through anyway
C		    F           C
Don't ask me why I'm like this
C                   F             C
But lately I'm wonderin' if
It'll come to pass

That the last shall be first and
The first shall be last.

The the voice says...


C                        F         C
Here's the way it oughtta be
C                         F            C
You then me then you then me
C                                      F   C
Well, I pray one day we'll all agree
                  C           F                        C    Am
And take it you then me then you then me
 		C	F	             C
Life could go you then me then you then me

It's easy, you wait then go
It's easy, so make your move
It's easy, don't clown around
Coulda gone six times by now
But no sir you gotta be a pain
Or is this your way of sayin
We should all cool down
And be more like the man who was
Born back in Bethlehem town?
I betcha he'd say...


Am            C                 F    C
If we could only put You first
F                                         G
Maybe this ugly trend could one day be reversed

Bridge:  C F C F C F C F C Am C F C

Same as other times
It's your turn, it's not my turn
It's your turn-well let's just say
We'll trade off-first you then me
Then after that we'll all agree

Same as other times
Let's try it, it could be good
And what if, one day it should
Really come to pass
That the last shall be first and the first shall be last
Betcha we'd say: