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Performer: The McKameys

You’re Still God

G                                 C          Am
I thought that it would happen to anyone but me
        D                                     C            G
I never dreamed that I would carry this heavy burden on my knees
G                                         Em
I never thought that I’d be standing just where I stand today
           A                                        D
I’ve never known this kind of heartache, I’ve never felt this kind of pain

                 G                           C            Am
But you’re still God when my eyes have cried a million tears
             G           Em            Am       D
You’re still God when my last hope has disappeared
            G                             C       Am
You’re still God and I know You’ll make a way somehow
             G              D                G
You’re still God and You’re holding me right now

G                                      C              Am
My heart can’t find the answers or the reason for the trial
      D                                         C                 G
But I know Your ways are perfect and You’ve been watching all the while
G                                     Em
You’ve taken me through the pain Lord time and time again
        A                                   D
And I’m longing Lord to trust you even when I don’t understand