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By: Matt Frazier

You're the Source

D                               G
You've kept watch over me since I was a child
       D                              A
You've stayed close when my heart has gone running wild
       Bm                G
You've welcomed me back again and again
       D            G            Bm       G
You've offered your kindness, forgiven my sin

D                    G
You're the source of all the good gifts I know
D               A
No one else can equal the love you show
D                    Bm
Though my praise for you often comes so slow
G              A                   D
How I long for my life with you to grow

D                            G
In your actions you show the proof of your care
   D                            A
In your presence comes comfort, you're ev'rywhere
   Bm                G
In your mercy I find hope that will last
   D           G         Bm            G
In your second life I am saved from my past.